Engineered Quartz Comes With Easy Care

No matter whether you love traditional or modern, polished or honed, patterned or flecked you will always be well protected with an engineered quartz worktop.The fact that Engineered Quartz is not only easy to maintain, but also a non-toxic material, gives it huge popularity when owners are choosing the right worktop for their kitchen.

Lets take a quick look at engineered quartz to help you decide if its the right kitchen worktop for you.

The qualities of Engineered Quartz are numerous. Similar to a hard granite, its high quartz content makes the material malleable and impact resistant. The material offers strong durability, being resistant to scratches and strains, as well as non-porous making it anti-bacterial and very hygienic.

Engineered Quartz also has flex, meaning it can easily be fabricated into larger pieces, an advantage when it comes to an installation with a large overhang or cut-out.

Environmentally Friendly

Great indoor air quality is something that you benefit from with Quartz Worktops. This is due to the fact that they emit volatile organic compounds and is non-toxic Quartz is such a durable material that it can last a life time. This takes away the disposable possibilities and allows you to keep the material for life if you like.

If you would like to discuss Quartz as a possibility for your kitchen, bathroom or anywhere else in your home we are happy to help. We offer a Consultation Service with all our clients and it is always helpful to know what the possibilities are in detail before moving forward.

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