Is granite scratch proof?

We get asked this question alot by customers, will my new granite worktop scratch? Let’s start with some interesting facts…

Granite is harder than most metals. On the Mohs Scale of mineral hardness it’s a 7. To put that into perspective, talc is 1 and diamonds are 10! Granite is an organic rock formed over 500 million years ago (in the Precambrian period if you are a geologist!) formed from magma, then cooled deep within the continental plates of the earth’s crust.

So it’s safe to say all that hard work by mother nature has made granite impervious to scratching by hot pots, pans, most everything in a kitchen really. No other man made material can honestly say it can stand up to the durability of granite as a worktop material. Even natural materials such as slate, marble, sandstone, soapstone, travertine, limestone , which were created by different geological formations, makes them softer, and more affected by acids.

Even the Ancient Egyptians 4,500 years ago recognised the qualities of granite. The Red Pyramid of Egypt was the third largest of all the Egyptian pyramids, named for the light crimson hue of its exposed granite surfaces.

So while your kitchen may turn to dust, it’s likely your granite worktop will be around for the next 4,500 years!!

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