Quartz worktops: Why should you choose quartz?

One of the questions we are frequently asked is what’s better, Quartz or Granite Worktops? Well we can never quite give a definitive answer because it depends upon many factors, personal taste, style and what look a person is trying to achieve.

However, one area where Quartz certainly has an advantage over Granite when it comes to design trends and style, is in the creation of leading edge colours that can enhance the functional look of a kitchen worktop or bathroom area.

Quartz worktops provide many options to the interior design industry, as a durable surface which can be used both internally and externally. Very hard wearing and aesthetically pleasing to the eye, Quartz is affordable with many price categories to suit all budgets, a popular alternative to natural stone or other composite products in the home.

A vast range of colours are available in Quartz, so if you have a particular colour scheme in mind, chances are Quartz will have the solution.

Here are just some of the colours that Quartz Worktops are available in…

  • Whites
  • Blacks
  • Greys, from warm to cool greys
  • Aqua, Greens & Blues
  • Creams & Browns
  • Oranges & Yellows
  • Reds, Purples Pinks even Lime Green!

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Quartz worktops come with several different finishes to choose too..

  • Less glossy finishes – unlike Granite which is generally highly polished and very shiny, particularly in black.
  • A velvet or honed finish (non-shiny or matt). This is soft and tactile to touch.
  • Textured or rippled surface – this looks natural and actually feels like real stone
  • Brushed this surface is coarsely textured and reflects the least amount of light

One of the most popular finishes that homeowners choose is the gloss finish on their worktops. However gaining in popularity is a satin finish (suede or honed) that is less reflective and more subdued. The creativity with Quartz is endless and its appeal is growing due to its many different colour and finish options.

This isn’t to say that granite doesn’t have its many qualities, but we’ll cover that one off in another blog!

If you would like to have a chat about which surface to choose, or need general advice, call Donna on 01565 300065 or email enquiries@cheshiregraniteworktops.co.uk
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