What can you expect to pay for granite worktops?

The market price for Granite is determined by a number of factors, including supply and demand as well as colour, movement, character, and how accessible the material is for quarrying and shipping.

Many of the dense black granites like Star Galaxy, Nero India and Nero Assoluto are charged at a premium of around 330 per sqaure metre. White granites are popular at both ends of the spectrum with the ever popular and affordable Kashmir White at around 220 per square metre and Bethel White, which is one of the most prized white granites with a flawless, even grain and uncommon strength around 480 per square metre.

Some of the more colourful or dramatic stones that are rarer are also more expensive. Blue Eyes for example is a rare semi-precious gemstone found only in one location in the world, the sub-arctic region of Northern Labrador in Canada, on an island called Ten Mile bay. It is quarried by the indigenous Inuit tribe to order for only four months of the year, weather permitting and is quarried in a manner that keeps the quarry environmentally consistent and compatible with the area. The price per square metre is an unsurprising 870! Enough to bring tears to the eyes of some buyers!

We always point out to customers that a price difference in the material does not necessarily indicate a difference in performance or quality. Overall, granite is extremely durable and low-maintenance and a beautiful way to enhance your kitchen and living space for many, many years to come.

When you are shopping around for comparative prices from granite fabricators, it is also important to consider important factors such as quality of craftsmanship and not just the price for the worktops. Check out their references from other customers if they are available, or ask to see previous examples of their work if feasible.

Cheshire Granite Worktops have 25 years experience fabricating and installing granite and quartz worktops across Cheshire and Manchester and offer competitive prices with quality and reliable work. our customers reviews in our customer testimonials.

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