Preparing your kitchen

Preparing your kitchen
Granite and quartz aren’t materials that can be easily trimmed or altered on site, so when your worktops are delivered they must be the right shape and size, with hob and sink cut-outs and tap holes in exactly the right place.

The only reliable way to achieve this is for experienced stone worktop templaters to undertake the work. Our Template and Fitting guide covers all the questions you may have such as;

  1. Do I need to be there when you template and install?
  2. What do I need to do to prepare my home in advance for the templaters and worktop fitting?
  3. What about wall finishing – template stage and fitting?
  4. Should wall units be fitted?
  5. How many pieces will my worktop be cut into?
  6. What are the maximum worktop lengths and will there be worktop joints?
  7. Who mounts my sink and hob?
  8. Is any cut or polishing work performed onsite?

For further information read our templating and fitting guidelines.

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Follow our five easy steps to ordering your perfect worktop…

Follow our five easy steps to ordering you perfect worktop.

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