Slab Inspection

Slab Inspection

Whether using a natural stone like granite, or a man made stone like quartz, it is essential that the slabs are used from the same batch to ensure a colour match.

We always perfrom a visual colour check to ensure consistency of shading and a thorough inspection is carried out to check for possible imperfections.  This is how we check your slabs are in the right conditon before we fabricate;

  • Any cracks, pits, voids and blemishes are identified. If found these are marked with a circle and template cut-outs positioned over them.
  • Slab-to-slab colour match and colour consistency within the slab is checked
  • Irregular spots and inconsistent gloss levels are checked
  • A thickness tolerance +- 1mm is allowed
  • Warping: upto a maximum of 2mm is allowed across the entire length and width when a slab is in a horizontal position. More than this and the slab is rejected and returned to the supplier.

If we are ever unsatisfied with a slab for the any of the above reasons, we will always return it to the manufacturer or importer, even if that means delaying your job!

After inspecting the slabs, we are now ready to start fabricating your worktops. Read the next section, “How we fabricate” to find out more.

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Follow our five easy steps to ordering you perfect worktop.

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