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Selecting a Granite Worktop Supplier. Can Service be the Key?

Selecting a new quartz or granite worktop is not just as simple as choosing the perfect colour. All of the service elements you expect from a professional company are just as important in the buying process. So when it comes…

Granite.. Some Interesting Facts

We are often asked “what is the difference between Granite and Quartz wortops”. Well this mini blog (Part 1 of 2 Interesting Facts) highlights some of the lesser known, but interesting facts about Granite. INTERESTING GRANITE FACTS Granites can be…

Quartz.. Some Interesting Facts

Have you ever wondered where Quartz worktop comes from, how they’ve been made and what they contain? Well Quartz is a natural mineral and the second most abundant mineral in the Earth’s continental crust. INTERESTING QUARTZ FACTS Quartz is non-porous…

The Theory of Colour. Can it help when choosing a kitchen worktop?

When selecting a quartz, marble or granite worktop it’s often just one element in an over design scheme to consider. Selecting the correct colour combination can be a daunting prospect when you care so much about getting it right, especially…

Cheshire Granite Worktops. Knutsford Made. Not Knutsford Price Tags.

Knutsford is a wealthy and historical town and has a reputation for quality and luxury. As a consequence Knutsford is often perceived as a premium destination with prices to match across the town’s retail establishments. Cheshire Granite Worktops are a…

Granite and Quartz Worktops, What’s The Difference?

One of the questions we are asked on a regular basis is “which is better, granite or quartz”, but the answer often comes down to personal taste and what an owner is trying to achieve in either their kitchen, bathroom…

How seamless should your Granite and Quartz worktop joints be?

Achieving a perfect joint on granite and quartz worktops is a highly skilled task dependent on a number of factors, beginning at the template stage when the exact sizes are determined. If this is done incorrectly, the problems carry on…

Keeping Your Granite Worktops Clean. The Do’s and Don’ts

Granite worktops are a lifetime investment, with great care and attention taken in the planning and kitchen design process. Looking after your investment and keeping it fresh and looking new is not difficult with the right care and attention. Granite…

Quartz worktops: Why should you choose quartz?

One of the questions we are frequently asked is what’s better, Quartz or Granite Worktops? Well we can never quite give a definitive answer because it depends upon many factors, personal taste, style and what look a person is trying…

Get The Lingo: A helpful guide to buying Granite or Quartz worktops

It can be hard buying something for the first time when you don’t understand the lingo, so we have written this blog post to give you a heads up on the the key terms you need to know when buying…

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