Customer Q&A – Natalie Critchley

At Cheshire Granite Worktops we think we create beautiful kitchen worktops and offer excellent customer service. But we don’t expect you to take our word for it! However, when Natalie Critchley came to us for her quartz kitchen worktop, she was so happy she agreed to share her experience!

Here’s what she said:

Q. What kind of look were you hoping to achieve?

I wanted something modern but not faddy. Something classic that looked fresh and contemporary, but which would stand the test of time.

Q. What attracted you to quartz as a worktop choice?

As well as the design options I also wanted something hardwearing. So, something that looked great, but which was durable and maintenance free.

Q. What did you like about the quartz you selected?

It had just the right amount of glitter! I wanted it to look natural and right, but with a touch of glamour!

Q. Why did you choose Cheshire Granite Worktops?

To start with I looked at the reviews online – which are great! But after speaking to Donna it was more than that. She was really honest and helpful and never tried to sell us the most expensive worktop. It wasn’t about what suited her, it was about what was right for us. That was hugely important to me.

Donna and Darren at Cheshire Granite Worktops

Donna and Darren at Cheshire Granite Worktops

Q. How did you find working with Cheshire Granite Worktops?

Brilliant! There was absolutely no hassle from start to finish. They were also really patient with us as we changed our mind a few times. It was just smooth.

Q. You say you changed your mind mid-process. What made you do that?

As the worktops were part of a larger kitchen refit, I realised that the standard shape we had initially selected was going to get lost. My husband suggested swapping to an L-shaped worktop to add the final “wow” to the room. I wasn’t sure at first, but Darren showed me how it would work on his CAD software and it just looked epic! I may also have been swayed by the addition of a wine fridge.

Q. Do you have any feedback on the worktop now that it’s in place?

It’s amazing. It’s become the heart of the home. The kids use it as a base and we spend all our time in the kitchen. It’s just so stylish.

Q. What do your family and friends think?

Everyone loves it! In fact, one of our friends was so impressed they have now had a worktop installed by Cheshire Granite Worktops too!

Helping you to choose wisely when making an investment in a granite or quartz kitchen worktop  at Cheshire Granite Worktops we take care of the whole process for you.

With a small change going along way, if you would like to have a chat with us to find out how updating your worktops will add value to your kitchen and home, please do not hesitate to call us on 01565 300065 or email us at


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