Get The Lingo: A helpful guide to buying Granite or Quartz worktops

It can be hard buying something for the first time when you don’t understand the lingo, so we have written this blog post to give you a heads up on the the key terms you need to know when buying granite or quartz worktops.

Granite Worktops

Natural Stone formed over billions of years from cooled magma under the earths crust. Granite is low-maintenance and retains its natural beauty for years. It provides outstanding stain and heat resistance and a cool, sterile surface for the preparation of food.

Quartz Worktops

Man-Made or Engineered stone. As a worktop material, quartz is extremely low maintenance, non-porous, highly stain resistant and very hard wearing making them ideal for modern busy life. They are available in a vast range of colours, so you will be assured of finding a colour and style to complement your kitchen and bathroom design.

Undermount (sink cut-out)

A type of sink cut out whereby the cut out is precisely made to the shape of the sink and the sink is then fixed underneath the worktop. Gives an amazing finish with the inside polished edges on show.

Drainer Grooves

These comprise a set of equal length grooves that are cut into the surface of the worktop to act as a water drainer. It is usual to get a set of 5, however a set of 4 is also an option. Also requested are double drainer grooves if a double sink is fitted. Part function, part design, these are a great addition for Belfast or Undermount sinks. Heres a link showing DRAINER GROOVES

Inset Sink / Inset Hob Cut Out

An unpolished cut out for a top-mounted sink or hob.

Profile Edge

This is the shape of the worktop edge, the most popular being a Double Chamfer, or Flat Ariss.
Double Chamfer Profile Edge

This is the most common type of profile edge and is made up of a polished square edge with a slight chamfer at the top and bottom of the worktop. Works well for either contemporary or traditional designs. Heres a link showing CHAMFERED profile edge.

Demi Bullnose

This is a profile edge that resembles a half circle on the top edge of the worktop. Not commonly used in contemporary designs but works perfectly if it’s the traditional look youre after. Heres a link showing BULLNOSE profile edge.

Radius Curved Corners

Where based units are fitted with a curve, radius curved edges match the base unit profile below, anything up to a 300mm radius curve. Or they can be child friendly curved corners the size of a 10p coin. When pricing up your kitchen, bear in mind that some fabricators will charge extra for large radius curved corners.


This is part of the worktop run that juts out, creating a break in the linear run and making this section of the worktop deeper than the standard 60cm. These are usually for draws and are common in traditional style kitchens. Check out these examples of BREAKFRONTS


The average height for upstands is 100mm and is in effect a border that is fitted against the walls sitting on top of the worktop. Usually made of thinner material than the worktop thickness (20mm is the standard) these offer water protection and give a wonderful finish. Especially worth considering if the walls of the kitchen area are bowed or out of alignment. They can usually save the cost of tiling also. Check out these examples of UPSTANDS

Splashbacks hob sink

This is a rectangular shaped piece of material which can be fixed to the wall behind the hob, range cooker or sink. The splashbacks offer protection from cooking liquids, steam and/or water. They can be fitted to reach right under the bottom of the extractor fan, or full height under the window sill, known as an Under Sill splash back. As an added design feature splashbacks can also go full height to the bottom of the wall units. Check out these examples of HOB BACKSPLASH, SINK SPLASHBACK

Hopefully this Granite Lingo Guide has given an outline of what options you need to consider when buying granite or quartz, however if you wanted to discuss anything in greater details we are on hand to assist.

Please dont hesitate to give us a call on 01565 300065 or email us on enquiries@cheshiregraniteworktops.

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