How a kitchen island can make the most of your home

Kitchens have long been the heart of the home, and, as the way we live has evolved, so too have our tastes in design and layout. Today, people want more than a room to cook; they also want somewhere friends and family gather. For larger kitchens, this usually means dining space, but even cosy kitchens are benefiting from a place just to sit with a cup of coffee.

When it comes to hangout spots, nothing beats a kitchen island. From grand workstations with additional appliances to petite counters that can be used for much-needed storage, the multifunctional nature of islands means they never go out of style or demand.

Here are just some of the ways our clients have used kitchen islands to improve their homes.

To create a professional-styled kitchen

Today, more and more homeowners are seeking sleek, professional looking kitchens that reflect those you’d find in a restaurant. The one thing all chefs need is lots of space, with island worktops ideal for this purpose. If you are going to be doing a lot of cooking, as well as providing extra space, you also need your worktop to be durable. Quartz is a warrior in the kitchen when it comes to being scratch resistant. What’s more, it’s as hygienic as stainless steel and non-porous, which means it doesn’t stain. Find out more about this latest trend in home design.

To create more flexible living spaces

Kitchen islands can be used to zone your kitchen and dining areas. And they don’t have to be the standard rectangle shape either. Instead, islands can be curved or L-shaped to help create a boundary between living and cooking areas.

Making kitchens feel like a living room, family room and dining room all-in-one, the kitchen island is ideal if you want to design a space that suits the way you like to live your life.

To add value to their homes

Standout features have the power to attract the interest of buyers, with people paying particular attention to kitchens and bathrooms. While a granite or quartz island won’t impact the market value of your home, done right it will add “wow factor”, maximising your chances of a quick sale, the more desirable your home is, the more willing people will be to stretch their budgets towards your asking price. Find out more about getting your property market ready.

To make the most of their space

Nobody likes clutter. In smaller kitchens – where storage is at a premium – having a kitchen island can be a sanity saver. Delivering extra workspace as well as storage, counters can also be used as a stylish dining spot with additional seating. That’s three benefits in one!

To enhance family life

A kitchen island is a great place for children to feel part of the action, and remain in view. Whether it’s helping to bake a cake, or a spot to do their homework, an island can become the focal point for family gatherings.

To add extra amenities

A kitchen island can be used to boost your kitchen’s functionality. As well as sinks and stoves, we’ve found wine coolers to be a particularly popular addition!

Check out our video for more examples of some of the stunning kitchen islands we’ve fitted over the years. 

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