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How to plan a kitchen remodel in 5 easy steps

Planning a kitchen remodel firstly requires you to determine what style you want to achieve, then search for the right professionals and finally to work out your budget! A great way to start is with inspiration photos to get an overall idea of what look you’d like to achieve in your kitchen. Be sure from the outset if your style is going to be modern, traditional, minimal or something else!

At Cheshire Granite Worktops we have worked with many customers who have remodelled their kitchens, changing not only the worktops, but tiles, flooring, appliances, lighting and dcor. Recently we helped Mrs M. of Knutsford remodel her kitchen, replacing her white laminate worktop with new granite worktops in Star Galaxy 20mm thick.

We have put together 5 easy steps for other home owners thinking of doing the same. Here are some ideas for how and what order you can approach your planning.

1. Appliances, Sinks taps

Decide if you are going to replace your existing appliances and sink, as this may have a knock on effect for your existing cabinetry layout, electrics, gas supply or plumbing. You may change from a hob to a range cooker, or an inset to an undermount sink. Generally you if have granite worktops, it’s likely you’ll switch to an undermount sink to show off all that beautiful granite! Even your choice of taps can be a style statement, with different shapes and finishes available to complement any style.

2. Lighting

Lighting can also have a dramatic impact on the mood and atmosphere in your kitchen. Considering the right amount of light, location of the light source and colour temperature can improve you and your family’s sense of well-being. Do you want to add up lighters on top of your kitchen cabinets, replace under cabinet down lighters or maybe change or add a pendant light? In addition, small changes like replacing your old white wall sockets & switches with stainless steel sockets can create a stylish finish.

3. Cabinets and Tile’s

Look at your overall colour palette and how these will work on your different surfaces – tiles, walls and cabinet doors, and floors. Tiles and handles can date your kitchen, so look at replacing these in an appropriate style.

Tiles can be easily removed and the plaster skimmed if you choose not to re-tile. Painting walls that were previously tiled is a great way to inject colour into a kitchen and one that can be easily changed as seasonal trends come and go. Cabinet doors can be re-loved too by being repainted; even laminate doors can be treated. There are numerous specialist paints available, like Autentico that specialise in chalk & lime paints in a huge range of colours and finishes.


4. Granite Worktops

Quartz and granite worktops are a great way to bring luxury and sophistication toyour remodelled kitchen. Patterns and
colours are available to suit every style and taste, from flat grey’s to Carreramarble-type quartz. Consider if you prefer
natural granite or man-made quartz for your new look.Use a colour swatch from your repainted kitchen doors to find the right match with your new worktops. Consider if you want a contrast colour, or one that blends? Cheshire Granite Worktops can help advise what combinations will work in your kitchen to reflect the look you want to achieve.


5. Flooring

If you do decide to replace or recover your floor, this can be one of the more challenging phases of the project, simply because the range of colours, textures and finishes is vast. Aim on picking your flooring once the worktops have been selected, as there is far less choice in worktops than flooring. The relationship between all the surfaces is critical to ensure they work together cohesively, so consider colour tones, textures and patterns that complement rather than compete with each other.

If you would like any advice about your kitchen remodel, or ideas on replacing your existing kitchen worktops with granite or quartz, contact Donna at Cheshire Granite Worktops on 01565 300065 or read more on our replacement worktops page.

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