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Quartz or granite worktop? Which is the look for your kitchen?

Quartz and granite worktops are both popular choices for the modern kitchen. Whether your style is country cottage or urban chic, today’s quartz and granite ranges both offer a stunning selection of colours and designs to choose from. To help you think about which might look best in your kitchen, here’s our summary of the different looks available in each material.

Granite worktops: natural stone, timeless beauty

Granite worktops are formed directly from ancient rock, formed gradually over millions of years. It’s an amazing process that produces rocks with widely varying composition and appearance.

Because the rock is crystalline, you never get a completely solid colour though some pieces of granite come close. If you’re after a classic black, for example, then the ever-popular soft-grained Nero India Granite is well worth a look. For many people, though, it’s the infinite variations in pattern and colour that make granite so appealing.

Patterns include veined marble, crunchy crystals and shimmering star galaxies; rich, velvety folds, mottled earth and luxurious leather. There are blacks, greys, browns; golds, greens, blues, pinks and whites. And then there’s a choice between subtle colour combinations such as the deep greens, browns and blacks of Verda Bahia Granite, and the striking contrasts offered by granites such as Kashmir White, a snowy white studded with pinky-brown quartz crystals.

Quartz worktops: innovative designs, consistent finishes

Quartz worktops are the product of a man-made process, a combination of natural rock and added resins. Manufacturers have complete control over the finished result, and designers are constantly creating innovative styles that reflect current design trends.

This means you can choose from a wide range of colours and designs you’d never find in natural stone. If you’ve set your heart on a solid colour, for example, then quartz is the only way to go. Pure snow white, citrus orange and shocking pink are just some of the choices available. And, going beyond solid colour, there are patterns to suit every conceivable kitchen, old or new.A few very different options include the pebbly look of Caramel by Caesarstone; Blanco Arco Iris by Quarella, with its fun splashes of blues and reds.

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