The rise of the “at home chef” and professional styled kitchens

One of the few benefits of the economic crisis was that it rekindled the joy of cooking across the UK. Of course, with budgets increasingly squeezed, it’s no wonder that many of us decided to eat in rather than eat out. But more than that, we also decided to try our hands at making meals rather than buying ready prepared, processed food.

Today, this love of cooking at home continues. In no small part due to a baking phenomenon triggered by the Great British Bake Off, and a growing awareness of the benefits of eating well.

In response, as our home cooks get ever more adventurous in the kitchen, this is reflected in kitchen design trends, with more and more homeowners seeking sleeker, more professional looking kitchens, reflecting those you’d find in a restaurant.

Professional-grade appliances

Chefs are passionate about using the right equipment. But that doesn’t mean you have to spend money on commercial cookware. In fact, we’d always recommend that you use higher-end residential appliances designed to be used at home. Not only are they typically safer, but they also tend to be more energy efficient for domestic use. If you really want to add some wow-factor, you can’t beat a professionally styled stove with six gas burners.

Kitchen Worktop Professional Kitchen

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Plenty of workspace

Chefs need lots of space when cooking so be sure to maximise yours wherever possible. In fact, ample workspace is crucial in a professional kitchen. Where you have room, consider investing in a countertop island (where you don’t a rolling cart can prove a great space saving solution!).

Black Kitchen Worktop

With kitchen worktop space a precious commodity, you could also consider using hooks and shelves to hang excess items such as pans and utensils.

Image Credit: Vourtimeri

Different zones

Consider zoning your kitchen into different areas. This could include a prep area, a cooking area, and a separate seating area. Your kitchen doesn’t have to be huge, all that matters is that it works for you and the way you like to cook and live.

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Low-maintenance worktops

If you are going to be doing a lot of cooking, you really need a durable worktop. Instead of granite, which can scratch and requires lots of upkeep, you should consider quartz.

Quartz is a warrior in the kitchen when it comes to being scratch resistant. Your knife will blunt before you even start to scratch the surface! Even better, quartz is as hygienic as stainless steel, and it’s non-porous which means it doesn’t stain.

Find out more about quartz.

Image Credit: Cambria

Fusion design

When you think of a restaurant-quality kitchen, you automatically think of stainless steel. But that can create a cold, industrial feel that is at odds with the atmosphere most people want to create in their homes. So instead, designers are fusing these looks and pairing stainless steel with warmer textures such as granite, quartz, and marble kitchen worktops.

Black, which we pegged as a key design trend for 2017, also creates a stylish, professional, and elegant look, with more natural granite and quartz tones adding warmth and depth.

If you like the metallic nature of stainless steel, but find it too cold, you might want to consider copper, brass or bronze which warms up living spaces with reflective surfaces that bounce light around a room and creates a glamorous and affluent look.

Image Credit: Minimalisti

With the kitchen the heart of the home, and more and more of us spending our precious time cooking, eating, and socialising in them, they have to look their best and stand the rigours of day-to-day family life.

Whether you’re planning to save costs with a quick uplift, or going all out with a full refit, at Cheshire Granite Worktops, we help you to choose wisely when making an investment in a granite or quartz kitchen worktop that will change the appearance of your kitchen. Call us on 01565 300065 or email us at to find out more about how we can help you.

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