Traditional Style Kitchen Design with a Modern Twist

While tastes change, today the traditional kitchen is as loved by homeowners across the UK as it has ever been. In particular, the style-friendly shaker remains a key trend when it comes to kitchen design. But traditional doesn’t have to mean dated. And, with a few carefully chosen design choices, your classic kitchen can look as current as a sleek, high-gloss design!

Add a splash of colour

Combine traditional cabinets with a splash of bright, bold colour to give your kitchen a quick lift and an instant update.

Kitchen Design Colours

Even your kitchen worktops can be updated using colour. Just look at this beautiful Skye™ quartz from our friends at Cambria!

Image Credit: Cambria

Or alternatively…

Use ‘on trend’ colours

As well as classic colours such as white, on-trend hues such as blues, greys and greens can add a modern twist to the traditional kitchen.

Grey can also soften spaces while adding warmth. It also harmonises beautifully with hardwood floors making it a sophisticated choice. A key colour trend for 2017, traditional shaker style cabinets can look ultra modern when using this muted powerhouse.

Fitted by Cheshire Granite Worktops

And don’t just think about your cabinets, consider grey tones when choosing your stone kitchen worktop too. For example, our Shitake Caesarstone quartz worktop is a popular contemporary, mushroom coloured quartz.

Consider the finish

Modern finishes such as a high gloss lacquer or stylish matt can give a contemporary look while keeping the panelled look of the traditional shaker style. Black shaker kitchens and mix and match units also give this classic style a fresh face.


Give your traditional kitchen a modern touch by adding a mix of contemporary tiles, steel appliances, and open shelving (a key design style for 2017).

Image Credit: Cambria

Upgrade your appliances

A quality range will make any kitchen look stylish.

Strip it back

As our home cooks get ever more adventurous in the kitchen, this is reflected in kitchen design trends, with more and more homeowners seeking sleeker, more professional looking kitchens, reflecting those you’d find in a restaurant. In response, many homeowners are seeking more stripped back kitchens, similar to those you’d find in trendy restaurants across the UK.

Go for quartz

Traditional kitchens typically incorporate granite worktops. But you can bring yours up-to-date with quartz. As hygienic as stainless steel, with exquisite designs, a wide range of colour options, and striking visual appeal, it’s no wonder that quartz has taken over from granite as the number one choice of kitchen worktop in the UK.

Fitted by Cheshire Granite Worktops

Talk to Cheshire Granite Worktops

The shaker style kitchen might be seen as traditional, but in reality, it’s as versatile as your imagination. So there’s no reason it can’t be brought up to date. At Cheshire Granite Worktops we’ll talk you through your options, offering our many years of insight in kitchen design to ensure your worktop adds to your design inspiration. And meets your budget!

With a small change going along way, if you would like to have a chat with us to find out how updating your worktops will add value to your kitchen and home, please do not hesitate to call us on 01565 300065 or email us at

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