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Why is each granite worktop unique?

Every granite worktop is unique, and each has a unique history. And for many people, it’s this very individuality that makes a granite worktop so special.

Let’s just take a quick step back in time

Granite is an igneous rock. If you remember your school geography, you’ll know that igneous rock forms when molten magma cools deep within the earth. The cooling period lasts millions of years, during which time the crystals from the various component minerals in the magma are forced together under immense pressure. And that’s just step one. It’s only as the earth’s plates move against each other, forcing rock upwards, that granite reaches the surface and can be quarried. This process of rock formation has been going on for 4 billion years.

So what makes one piece of granite different from another?

1.The minerals making up the granite. Granite always contains quartz and feldspar, but the other minerals found in granite can vary widely. These other minerals are known as accessory minerals. The most common are the black mica, biotite, and the black amphibole, hornblende. The classic granite worktop salt-and-pepper look comes when a light background provided by the quartz and feldspar is dotted with darker crystals from the accessory minerals.

2.The rate the granite cools. The further below the earth’s surface granite is formed, the slower it cools. Slower cooling results in larger crystals and usually a lighter colour. Granite cooled nearer to the surface forms more quickly, giving smaller but stronger crystals and darker colours.

This natural process has created a huge range of colours and patterns, and the choice of granite worktops has never been greater. From snowy Kashmir White to rich Antique Brown, marbled Ocean Green to polished black Indian Nero, each one makes a beautiful addition to any kitchen and gives you a piece of natural luxury impossible to recreate or imitate.

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