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Once we have templated your worktops, the next stage in their journey to become worktops is fabrication in the factory. For those interested in the manufacturing process, below is a description of what happens. You can also watch our video “From granite slab to kitchen worktop – see how its done”

Cutting the slabs

  • Firstly, the slab edges are cut to straighten them, particularly if they are granite slabs.
  • When cut, the worktops which are to be seamed together are checked for correct colour match
  • Any straight lines are cut with a flat diamond disk on a bridge saw
  • Any curved lines are manually cut with a router with a diamond finger
  • Holes are machine cut with a drilling machine and diamond cup drill

Inside Corners

  • L or U shaped worktops are always fabricated with a join on the inside corner between the slab pieces, never a diagonal cut.
  • A join is created for every change in direction of the surface.
  • We always template for the fewest number of joints possible. This is determined by the size of the slabs available.


All kitchens require installation of accessories, such as sinks and hobs.

  • Cut-outs can be polished for undermount sinks or unpolished for inset sinks and hobs.
  • Drainer grooves are cut with diamond tipped flutting wheel and can be applied to one or both sides of the sink.

Undermount sink installation

  • The sink is positioned flush underneath the surface of the worktop
  • The cut-out is fabricated slightly smaller than the sink leaving a small overhang, so that the join between the sink and the worktop surface is not visible.
  • The edges are bevelled and the inside of the cut-out polished.

Over-mount or inset sink installation

  • The lip of the sink or hob extends above the surface and rests on top. The edge of the cut-out is smoothed with a grinding wheel and remains unpolished
  • A space is left between the sink wall and the surface

Polishing Edges

  • Edges are always polished to the same surface polish of the slab.
  • Only the edge of the slab is polished, never the surface.
  • Water cooled tips are used for polishing as dry polishing can overheat and damage the area
  • Diamond polishing pads are used with water, working with 6 pads through grit sizes from coarse down to fine.
  • Each stage of the polishing removes the marks from the previous stage and only when a uniform finish is achieved is the next pad moved onto.
  • We never polish edges in excess of the factory surface polish of the slabs.

Types of Polished Finishes

  • Polished finishes are smooth and shiny.
  • These are created by using Diamond Polishing Pads in a progressive manner through all the grit pads.

Honed Finishes

  • Sometimes a slab may have a non-polished surface, often referred to as Honed or Matt.
  • The honed surfaces are smooth, but not shiny.
  • Regular polishing brushes are used with a honed finish with plenty of water to prevent overheating.
  • 4 progressive stages work through the brush sizes starting at grit size 120 completing with 500.

Textured/Viento Finishes

  • These are slightly coarse and have a low gloss finish
  • To create a textured edge, diamond polishing pads and diamond brushes are used with plenty of water.

L-shaped Edges

  • L-shaped edges or a downstand is where a strip of quartz or granite is glued along the edge of the work surface in order to create the illusion of a thicker slab.
  • This process is more complex and time consuming than single thickness edges. It does produce however a rich aesthetic appearance.
  • L-shaped edges can be fabricated to any height, shape and depth.
  • The height of the edge is independent on the thickness of the slab. So for example a 13mm slab could be used with an L shaped edge of 40mm, or larger.
  • The L-shaped edge allows the continuation of a design around an edge.
After fabricatation the worktops are ready for fitting or installation. Read the next section Installation to learn more.

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