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Worktops are installed on top of the base cabinets and are not actually fixed to the wall. Before installing the cabinets we ensure the cabinets are complete, stable, level and suitable for weight bearing.

We always check for the following before installing;

  • The cabinets must be fixed to each other and then secured to the back wall. If any of these requirements are not met, then the installation will be delayed until the necessary work is completed by the kitchen fitter.
  • The worktop must be supported on a strong perimeter frame. Special attention is paid to the areas where joins and cut-outs are to be supported.
  • Front to back support must be provided every 500-600mm. This could include wooden beams inside cabinets, console attached to the wall, or end panels.
  • Support must be provided under all worktop joins.

Preparation for installation

  • The fabricated pieces are placed on the base units in their final position, without adhesive.
  • All the pieces are checked for the correct size, shape and direction in relation to the cabinet and walls.
  • All exposed edges and corners are checked
  • The surface level is checked with a spirit level and long ruler.
  • A space of 1mm is left per linear metre between the surface edge and wall, to allow for expansion and contraction.


  • A suitable colour matched epoxy resin adhesive is prepared. Silicone is never used to seal joins..
  • The two adjoining joins are checked for any dust or debris and then applied to both sides.
  • The join is then closed with professional seaming clamps to create a smooth, flush surface.
  • When the adhesive is completely dry the clamps are removed any excess adhesive is removed with a scraper.
  • Final cleaning is with alcohol and clean white cloth.

Sealing between the wall and worktop

  • Flexible adhesive is then used between the wall and worktop, such as 100% silicone.
  • The silicone prevents water from entering the cabinet.
  • If the base units are supported on adjustable legs, it is essential to ensure that all legs are evenly tensioned to maintain stability.

Once your worktops are installed, it is important that you care for them in the correct way.

Read our next section “Granite and Quartz Care” for guidelines for keeping your stone surfaces in tip top condition.
You can also watch our video “See how worktops are installed” for an insight into how we install a worktop in a customers kitchen.

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Follow our five easy steps to ordering your perfect worktop…

Follow our five easy steps to ordering you perfect worktop.

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